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photo (2)Welcome to the office of Dr. Russell O. Schub, FACP.  As a highly rated gastroenterology practice in Columbia, MD, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal illnesses.  We proudly serve the Baltimore-Washington area for a variety of issues ranging from hemorrhoids to Crohn’s disease.  Our methodologies and innovative techniques, including hemorrhoid banding and on-site infusion therapy with Remicade, continue to elevate the practice.  We strive to be one of the most highly sought gastroenterology practices in Howard County.

In our Advanced Endoscopy Center, located in the same building as Dr. Schub’s gastroenterology practice, a dedicated team of healthcare professionals perform the latest diagnostic testing in gastroenterology. We pride ourselves on being one of the highest rated practices in Columbia, and the convenience of our Endoscopy center for our patients is one of the many reasons we continue to be one of the best gastroenterology practices in the Baltimore area.

Accredited ASF Surgery Facility