As a highly rated gastroenterology practice, Dr. Schub’s office strives to provide you with the best quality and patient-centered care in the Columbia, MD area.  Our primary mission, in addition to helping you with your ailment is patient comfort. Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our procedures

Where will the procedure be performed?

Dr. Schub performs his procedures at the Advanced Endoscopy Center of Howard County, LLC, an endoscopy facility adjacent to his office.  You will use the same entrance you use for your office visits.  The address is: 8875 Centre Park Drive, Suite D, Columbia, MD 21045.

I currently have my period.  Can I still have my colonoscopy?

Yes.  You may wear a tampon if you choose to do so.

Is a colonoscopy painful?

You will be sedated during the exam and shouldn’t feel discomfort.  Some patients experience temporary gas pain and abdominal discomfort after a colonoscopy.  This should resolve shortly after the procedure.  The majority of patients feel no discomfort, and are able to proceed with their normal daily activities the day after the procedure.

Is an Upper Endoscopy painful?

You will be sedated during the procedure and shouldn’t feel any discomfort.  You may feel some discomfort in your throat once the procedure is completed.  If you have a BRAVO pH probe placed you may feel chest pain or discomfort for 2-3 days after the procedure.  The majority of patients feel no discomfort, and are able to proceed with their normal daily activities the day after the procedure.

What should I expect after the procedure?

Patients commonly feel sleepy/groggy when waking up from sedation, and may continue to feel some tiredness throughout the day.  Some patients feel abdominal discomfort related to excess gas.  If an upper endoscopy is performed, a sore throat is not uncommon. Most patients return to work the following day.  We generally schedule a follow-up office visit two to four weeks after the procedure, unless otherwise directed by the physician.  If you have severe pain, more than a tablespoon of rectal bleeding, vomiting, or any other worrisome symptoms please call the office at 410-730-1000.

I am nauseated and cannot tolerate more of the prep.  What should I do?

Nausea may occur during the Nulytely and Miralax preps.  If this occurs, take a break from the prep for 10-15 minutes.  Please do your best to complete the full prep.  If you continue to experience nausea and are having difficulty completing the prep please contact our office at 410-730-1000.  If the prep is inadequate and stool remains in the colon, the physician cannot get a good look at the mucosa and the procedure may need to be repeated.

How fast will the prep work?

The prep will cause multiple liquid bowel movements.  These may begin within minutes of consumption or may take a few hours.  This tends to vary from person to person.  You should remain close to a bathroom as the urge to have a bowel movement may occur suddenly.  Toward the end of the prep you should be passing liquid bowel movements likely reflecting the color of the prep you consumed.  An example of what bowel movements should look like after completion of the prep is shown below.  If the bowel movements are brown after completion of the prep, please contact our office at 410-730-1000.

colo prep

Photo courtesy of

What if I do not feel well the day of the procedure?

If you do NOT have flu-like symptoms, such as fever, chills, vomiting, severe cough, body aches, and pains AND you feel up to the procedure you may proceed with the exam.  If you are unsure if your condition is acceptable, please call the office at 410-730-1000.  

Can I return to work the day of my procedure?

No.  You will receive sedation during the procedure and should not drive or sign legal documents.  It is our recommendation that you return to work the following day.

Can my ride drop me off or does he/she have to stay and wait for me?

Please note that for procedures performed by Dr. Schub utilizing anesthesia you will be unable to drive home afterward.  Please make arrangements in advance with a driver prior to coming our office so that we may schedule your procedure as soon as possible.  Your ride may leave once we have obtained a contact phone number so that we can contact them when the procedure is complete.  Your ride is also welcome to wait in our waiting room.