At Dr. Schub’s Columbia, MD gastroenterology practice, we want to ensure our patients have the most hassle-free experience in our office as possible. Thus, it’s important that our patients follow the guidelines instructed by Dr. Schub at the time of your visit. Please review all the information several days before your procedure.  It is very important to follow the preparation instructions to make sure your visit is seamless.

In the event your preparation instructions are lost or misplaced, you may download them with the understanding that specific instructions are tailored to each individual patient.

Colonoscopy Prep Instructions 2017
EGD prep instructions

An example of what bowel movements should look like after completion of the prep is shown below.  If the bowel movements are brown after completion of the prep, please contact our office after 6:30 am and before 9 am for further instructions. The phone number is 410-730-1000 ext. 28.

colo prep

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If you have additional questions please call:
410-730-1000 ext. 15 or ext. 16.